Advice From Sabine

Hello all!

Maybe you’re reading this after your run… but if it’s not too late to get back on track!

I’ll be honest, running in the summer is not always great. But there are tons of things you can do to make it so much easier and maybe a little fun.

1. Run with someone else. You’ve probably heard this a million times but it’s so helpful. Even if you don’t think you know anyone who runs, talk to someone you don’t know! Most people are looking for a running buddy too and you just have to reach out.
Just having someone running next to you, even if you are too out of breath to say anything, makes time go by so much faster.

2. Look for fun things on your run. Lightner and I find really cool stuff like:
-Coach Eakin
-a huge rat snake
– Really fast runners
– Grandma joggers
– Cute dogs
– Rowing teams
– Bats (bat poop)

3. Actually, look at Strava. When I don’t want to run I just think “no one else is running so it really doesn’t matter.” But Strava is great for seeing everyone on the team running and getting inspired.
4. It’s ok if you run slow. Enjoy running for running and don’t worry about the time.

I hope these tips helped motivate you a little bit! The hardest part is just getting started and developing a habit.

You got it.
Sabine 🙂

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