AISD Invitational 2019

Hello XC Families,

This Friday, the following students will compete in the AISD Cross Country Invitational. For this meet at Decker Lake, the district is providing two buses; however, students who need to take the bus will have to be at school at 5:15am. If possible, plan to spend the night with someone who lives near Decker Lake or plan to carpool to the site. The first race will not start until 8am with most students running around 9am. If your student is running the Varsity race, she should be at Decker Lake by 6:45AM. If your student is running JV, they should be at the site no later than 7:45AM.

After the race, we will be picking up P. Terry’s; however, we should be back in time for students to go through the lunch line should they need or want to. If your student wants P. Terry’s have them bring $7 cash with them to practice on Thursday. They will have the option of a burger, veggie burger, or chicken burger; they may also choose with or without cheese. All orders come with a side of fries, tea, lemonade, or high-quality H2O. Your student will need their class supplies for their 7th and 8th block classes and we encourage them to collect any work they’ll miss and bring it to the meet to work on during downtimes. As always, don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Coaches Eakin, Welser, and Marino
Austin I.S.D. Cross Country Invitational registration for Ann Richards School as of 09/02/19 18:45 P.M

Varsity Girl’s 5K:
Callahan, Lightner

Castelan, Yasmin

Cooke, Samantha

Gray, Alice

Huerta, Alexa

Hughes, Virginia

Jimenez-Williams, Sabine

Katula, Anne

Navarrete, Yirha

Ringstaff, Georgia
JV Girl’s 5K:
Alvarez, Sofia

Amaya, Trisha

Avila, Jackie

Barreto, Allison

Barreto, Dayan

Borowicz, Maya

Buentipo, Geena

Burgess, Aubrey

Carrillo-Carrillo, Deudilia

Castro-Mercado, Galilea

Cherian, Rheka

Colindres, Mariana

Dickson, Sarah

Doucette, Emily

Frausto, Lizbeth

Garcia, Ariadna

Griesmer, Sophie

Guido, Denise

Guido, Diana

Hammonds, Chloe

Klein, Makayla

Landrum, Ellie

Limon, Alicia

Lopez, Alexandra

Martinez, Jocelyn

Martinez, Maria

Monroy, Elizabeth

Morales, Kiara

Moreno, Gisselle

Nagy, Cassandra

Olea Cervante, Tracy

Olguin, Victoria

Olson, Hannah

Pena, Sabrina

Peters, Marisol

Ralston, Russia

Riley, Trinity

Rodriguez, Emily

Rosas, Esmeralda

Salas, Isabella

Serff-Roberts, Amina

Singer, Kate

Stewart, Teasia

Trejo, Abigail

Trejo, Ashley

Vasquez, Yaretzi

Willard, Lauren

Wilson, Ariel

Xinol, Ximena

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