Staying Motivated- Olivia G.

All runners know that sometimes there are good runs and sometimes there are bad ones. We can always hope to have a good run. There are many ways to optimize the potential of having a good run. Some of those ways are to stay hydrated, eat healthy and balanced meals, and stay motivated. When you are hydrated, you feel like you have more energy and get less fatigued throughout the run. Eating healthy and balanced meals keeps your diet in check to fuel your muscle strength. You also need the right motivation to have a good run and keep going. When you are unmotivated, even the slightest amount of mileage feels like a complete uphill battle the whole time. Recently I have found that visualizing my goal throughout the run is what keeps me motivated the most. My current goal is to run a 5k race in under 20 minutes. During a run, I think about crossing the finish line of the 5k race at a cross country meet knowing I ran it in under 20 minutes. I think to myself that the work I am putting in is making me stronger and getting me one step closer to my goal. Having a goal keeps me motivated and makes me want to go further and faster each run.

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