Keeping At It- Sammie S.

It’s really hot! And humid! And I know that sometimes it’s really hard to motivate yourself and get out there, especially when we’re all still in this phase of getting into cross country shape.  So if you’ve been running, give yourself a pat on the back and some protein! If you haven’t, you’ve still got time! Remember to start off slow and gradually build mileage and speed, and be kind to yourself always!

This month, I’ve been a bit inconsistent and feel like I haven’t truly gotten back into shape since the beginning of June. I’ve been out of town, got my wisdom teeth taken out, and missed a good chunk of practices, leaving me with a couple of pretty bad runs when I got back into it. I know it’s hard to be consistent with running during June and July with vacations, camps, and whatever else everyone has going on during the summer, but the important thing is to keep at it and run as often as you can, whenever and wherever you can. The way to improve is to run as consistently as possible, no matter the distance or speed you start off at! It always helps me to remember that this is the time to build my strong base, so when season starts I can hit the ground running and achieve the goals I have for myself.

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