Summer Miles Club!

Want to start the year with a free and awesome Cross Country shirt? All you have to do is run!

In preparation for the fall cross country season, all runners are encouraged to run regularly. Depending on your experience, ambition, and time availability, we created three target benchmarks for runners to hit over the summer (June & July): 100 miles, 200 miles, or 300 miles.

Sample running calendars are posted on this page, but they are merely suggestions. Do what you can, whenever you can, and whatever you do, listen to your body. Getting in shape and hitting your goals only matters if you stay healthy.

In order to support your goals, our senior captains will hold practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all summer long. Check out the summer practices page for more information.

Your prize for hitting the target benchmarks is an amazing, one of a kind t-shirt that only Summer Mile Club participants will get. That’s right! We won’t sell these babies. The only way to get them is to earn them!

How will you track your miles?

Step 1: Go to and create an account The online running log

Free Online Running Log for New Runners to Experience Runners. Inside there are Running Clubs, Running Forums, News and Results, Calculators for Tracking Performance and much more.

Step 2: Go to Menu > Find/Join Team > Join ARSXC2018

Step 3: Start logging your miles

If you’ve never had a running log before, or are having technical issues with the website, ask one of your teammates or coaches for help. Also, it’s important to log your miles regularly, so that you don’t forget or lose track of your miles.

Good luck and have fun! Those shirts are going to be poppin’!

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