Running Shoes- How to Stay Healthy During Cross Country Season

Investing in proper running shoes is a key to having a healthy and happy running season. Typical shoes do not have the cushion and support needed for distance running. Therefore, running in the wrong shoe can cause discomfort or even injury. We ask all our runners and their parents to invest in good running shoes and replace them every 6 months or 500 miles (whichever comes first).

How to find the perfect shoe for you? Get a shoe fitting by an expert! There are four running stores in Austin staffed by running experts that will properly and expertly help you find the perfect shoes by assessing your running gate, checking for pronation/supination, etc.:

  • Rogue Running
  • The Loop
  • Texas Running Company
  • Ready to Run

Avoid chains & box stores!

Typical running shoes cost $100-120 but the stores above will usually have at least a few models on sale for as little as $50. Most stores offer student athlete discounts as well.

If buying shoes at one of the stores above is not feasible, buying on-line is your best next choice. While it’s impossible to know whether a shoe is a good fit without trying it on, the following shoes fit most feet and will likely do the job (of keeping you healthy and happy) and since new models are either already out or coming soon, you will find them around $60 or less:

  • Nike Pegasus 34
  • New Balance Zante v3
  • Brooks Launch 4
  • Saucony Kinvara 8
  • Adidas Boston 6

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