Important Information and Dates for the 2020 Season

Summer Training

Welcome new or long-time runners! We’re so excited to *hopefully* train and compete with you this you this fall, but before the season starts lets get into XC shape! Please choose a run plan below based on your current skill level and weekly mileage so that we can prevent injuries, improve our times, and make the first week of practice less intimidating. Remember to keep track of your summer mileage on STRAVA where we can cheer each other on as we reach our mile goals and maybe earn some cool t-shirts?

See you on the trail! (6 ft.away of course)


Your XC Team

Training Plans:

Run/Walk Plan – Never run before? Haven’t run in a long time? Follow this plan! 

Beginners Plan– If you can run for around 15-20 minutes, this is a good plan for you! 

Intermediate/Advanced Plan– If you are running 15-20 miles a week, these plans are for you!

Zoom Workouts

Need some inspiration to stay in shape this summer? Join us in Zoom workouts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4:00 PM for some intense abs, booty blasters, and arm aching videos led by Coach Welser and Coach Eakin. Meet fellow XC members and laugh at how hard Mad Fit’s workouts are together! Not to mention, Coach Welser might tell you about her backyard lizards.

Who: You of course! And the rest of the Cross Country Team. 🙂

What: Zoom Workouts with your buddies to stay in shape for XC.

When: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @4:00 PM (June-August)

Where: Wherever you are now with a water bottle and phone/computer/ipad.

Why: Because we want to hear all about your day and build muscle and mind strength for the fall season!

Convinced yet? Great! Coach Welser will send a link on Remind before every meeting, see you there!


Click here for more physical information!

*Only applies to students in the grades of 7-12.


Athletes: please sign up for our Remind @ARSxc2020                                                            Parents: Stay in the loop @ARSXCPARS